The health benefits of CBD : the scientific evidence

CBD is one of the cannabinoid components that are part of the cannabis plant. It can be given in more or less abundant quantity depending on the strains. To learn a little more about this topic, we want to show you some of its positive effects and what the proven health benefits of CBD are.

What is CBD ?

First, we need to take care of the CBD compounds. It usually consists of the so-called delta-9-THC which acts on the central nervous system, generating a psychoactive response. In addition, it does not have the psychotropic effects of THC, which has gained great popularity in recent years because it offers therapeutic properties. 

Health benefits of CBD

One of the positive factors of consuming CBD is that it has antidepressant properties. In times of discouragement and low self-esteem, it is a good resource to have a good mood and show more enthusiasm for things. It acts as a remedy to eliminate feelings of grief and as an antipsychotic.

On the other hand, it should be noted that it becomes a neuroprotective agent. In this way, it is defined as an active ingredient with protective effects on the nervous system to prevent and reduce neurodegenerative processes. You could say that it has qualities like other drugs.

In turn, it is important to highlight the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant function it has, since it has been used to make essential oils or cosmetics. And this in such a way that it can help reduce swelling and relieve pain. You may find CBD products at more than one herbalist. After all, it is still a natural product that is used as a remedy for many physical problems.

Other Health Benefits of CBD

It should be noted that it becomes a powerful analgesic and also helps to deal with nausea, in the same way that it calms the nerves by being anticonvulsant and anxiolytic. Many people use CBD to be calmer.

It has been used as a treatment for neurodegenerative diseases. For example, to improve the daily life of people with epilepsy and psychosis, without forgetting that it is a component that contributes positively as an antitumor treatment and as a complement to chemotherapy.

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